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On this page we highlight the success that members have had outside the Circle’s activities
Congratulations to Barbara  Her new novel, Listen to the Drums: An African Odyssey has been published.  "Heather is pitched from the comfort of her home in Somerset into a kaleidoscope of superstition, colonial conflict and a web of West African intrigue."  "An enthralling story of mystery, intrigue and emotion.  Beautifully written."  "With sights, sounds and atmosphere, Barbara Smith vividly captures the dangers and emotional turmoil of West Africa in 1949.  A pleasure to read."   Read the reviews on Amazon (and, of course, buy a copy while you're there). Congratulations to Colin His play Interview with a Dead Man won the 2015 NAWG One-Act Play competition.  The play is set in the office of a solicitor at a meeting with a convicted murderer who he is determined to keep out of jail. The murder happened some years ago, and the man had been sentenced to death, only to be reprieved at the last minute.   After twenty years he has been let out on licence but has committed a further crime.  To the solicitor’s surprise the man doesn’t want to be set free and in an explosive ending the man gets his wish. Congratulations to Dick   He won the Sony Broadcast Award for the best short story by an adult at the 2015 Basingstoke Music and Arts Festival. She has just published the first in a series of romantic comedies called 'Millie's Game Plan' and is under her pen name, Rosie Dean. There's a link to the Amazon page here: http://www.amazon.co.uk...  It's set in Hampshire, and tells the story of a woman whose life/work balance is so out of whack, even her Spanish mother tries to fix her up with their priest's dozy nephew. Spurred into action, Millie sets about finding Mr Right at local cricket clubs, with some entertaining and alarming results – not least being held hostage by local criminals. Finally, she does discover Mr Right, but only after chasing Mr Wrong. The second book, 'Vicki's Work of Heart' will be out in March next year. Congratulations to Jan Congratulations to Colin  His latest book, Spirit in the Melody, which is a collection of his hymns set to new music, is published and is available via his website: www.cdferguson.com Congratulations to Dick   His article A Morning to Remember recording his night on the Trafalgar Square pavement waiting for the Coronation in 1953, was published the June edition of the Best of British magazine. Congratulations to Barbara  Her short story The Greater Loss is to be published in My Weekly - in the edition dated July 13 (but it may be in the shops before that date).
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