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Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, with breaks at holiday times. The venue for the meetings is St Joseph's Church Hall, situated on the corner of Park Lane and Berkshire Drive, Tilehurst, Reading RG31 5JJ (click here for map). Most meetings are devoted to members reading from their own work (typically up to 2000 words), which is commented on by the others present. Members are encouraged to make positive, constructive comments. Members with longer works can also produce copies for others to take away and return with comments. We also arrange workshops and occasional guest speakers. We organise trips to outside talks or workshops and reciprocal visits to other writers' groups (see calendar).

Meeting Activities

Meeting Schedule

31 Jul 24 Jul 17 Jul 3-10 Jul 26 Jun 19 Jun 5-12 Jun 29 May 22 May 1 - 15 May 24 Apr 10 - 17 Apr 27 Mar 20 Mar 6, 13 Mar Sunday 4 Mar 13 - 27 Feb 6 Feb 16 - 30 Jan 9 Jan 19 Dec 5 Dec 21, 28 Nov 14 Nov 7 Nov 17-31 Oct 10 Oct 3 Oct 26 Sep 19 Sep 12 Sep 5 Sep Fri 25 Aug
AGM - Summer break - back on 4 Sep Open readings Open readings Open readings Open readings Iain Pattison Competition Results and readings Open readings Open readings. Open readings Deadline for entries to the Iain Pattison short story competition. Open readings. Open readings Set Iain Pattison competition Open readings. Easter Break - back on 10th of April Reading and result of the Chris Mundy Poetry competition. Open readings. Deadline for entries for the Chris Mundy Poetry competition. Entries must be emailed to Dick (sawdonsmith@hotmail.com) by midnight! Open readings. Show, don't Tell - a talk by Les Williams. The what, when, how, and why of showing not telling, using examples and helpful techniques. Open readings. Fish and Chip Supper To plaice your order, email Sally at sally.johnson20@ntlworld.com Reading of Christmas Holiday Homework stories - “What did you find in your stocking?” Last meeting before Christmas (back on 9 Jan). The winners of the Arthur Redway story competition will be announced and the first 3 stories will be read. See Competitions for details. As this will be the last meeting before Christmas, sausage rolls and mince pies will be provided. In past years members have contributed a small gift (cost £3 maximum) to the ‘Secret Santa’ sack then they receive someone else’s donation as a small present. If you would like to join in (it’s not compulsory) please bring your gift, suitable for male or female, to the festive meeting. Poetry - Presentation by Dr Geoff Harvey Geoff was Head of English at Reading University until he retired. He has previously talked to us about beginnings & ends, plots and characters in stories. This time he will speak about poetry, the construction of verse and how it can be used in story-telling. Open Readings Open Readings Set Arthur Redway competition. Halloween/Bonfire competition readings. Prizes will be awarded! Open Readings Writing Exercise Open Readings Set Halloween/Bonfire competition Open Readings Beginning, Middle and End A talk by Neil Sommerville - including some exercises! Open Readings Summer Homework Results Reading of the first three stories. Deadline…  … to hand-in your Summer Homework by email !
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