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The Circle is always pleased to welcome new members - not only those who have written novels, short stories, articles or poetry, but also those who would like some encouragement just to put pen to paper. Most of our members live in the Thames Valley area with Reading as the centre but we also have overseas and corresponding members. The Circle is a member of the National Association of Writers' Groups (NAWG).  This entitles members to free entry to annual competitions as well as the opportunity to take part in the annual NAWG conference and workshops with leading authors. There is no annual membership fee and subscriptions are on a pay-as-you-attend basis (see Meetings on the Home page). We endeavour to publish occasional collections or anthologies of our work.  All members are invited to contribute to these publications.

Circle Membership

We try to keep things informal, but every group needs rules, so here goes…

The Committee

The Circle is overseen by a committee which (except for the Life President) is elected at the AGM, held on the last meeting before the summer break. Below are the current members. Convenor Les Williams Life President Barbara O Smith Secretary Joyce Robinson Treasurer Sally Johnson Publicity Dick Sawdon-Smith Social Activities Ian Smith

The Constitutition

1. The Circle is open to all adults (18 and over), who live or work in Reading, its surrounding areas and to corresponding members. 2. The aim of the Circle is to stimulate, encourage and enable all those who wish to write for their own enjoyment and/or to publish their work. 3. Membership of the Circle shall be subject to the approval of the Committee holding post at the time, to the rules of the venue and the payment of the attendance fee. 4. Fees are determined in relation to the charges of hiring the venue for use of its accommodation and amenities. Payment will only be made on attendance. The Circle retains the right to raise other funds for its administrative costs. 5. The Circle will hold a Bank/Building Society Account at the branch agreed with the Treasurer at the time. The accounts will be inspected annually and presented to an Annual Meeting for approval. The Annual Meeting will also hear reports on the Circle's work during the year, appoint members to a committee and consider resolutions which members wish to discuss. Notice of these should be circulated at least two weeks in advance. 6. The committee will consist of a Convener, Secretary, Treasurer and at least three other members, one of whom shall have responsibility for publicity. The Secretary will prepare a report each year for presentation at the Annual General Meeting. 7. The quorum for voting at an Annual Meting shall be not less than 51% of registered members. Registered members will be those who have attended at least three meetings during the preceding 12 weeks. Other members may attend but not vote. 8. From time to time the committee may set up working groups to perform set tasks: e.g. the preparation of an anthology or a collection. They may co-opt members to the committee when necessary or appropriate. 9. The constitution may be amended by resolution to the Annual General Meeting if it is supported by at least two thirds of those members present and able to vote. Such amendments should be with all members at least two weeks prior to the meeting. 10. The committee shall have power to act in the Circle's interest subject to ratification by the members. A special meeting may be called either by the committee or by request from at least five members and subject to notice of two weeks.
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