“Jumped” by a stowaway when working his passage to Australia; lost in the Outback and close to perishing on the notorious Birdsville Track; put on a horse for the first time in his life and told to go out and round up a thousand head of cattle.  But Richard’s adventures Down Under weren’t all fun and games…

After agricultural college Richard worked with stud cattle and that is what took him to Australia and he soon made his mark bringing out the Supreme Champion at the Royal Show in Adelaide.  But the Outback beckoned and he travelled far and wide before becoming a leading journalist based in Adelaide then Melbourne.

Richard raced his Porsche, led the high life, got arrested in the Red Light area of Sydney!  This is an Oz adventure with a difference and the chapter Aussie Update puts the reader in to-day’s Australia.

Re-trace Richard’s footsteps in the Outback, the Southern states and live the life in the big cities.   Walk into a pub and say, “G’day mate,” and share a beer with the best of them. Be the only one in a hundred-thousand at the Melbourne Cricket Ground supporting the Poms and live to tell the tale…!

Go there and enjoy In the HOT SEAT.  Fact is much stranger than fiction and much funnier too!  If you lapped up Six Spoons of Sugar, Richard’s evacuee tale, you’ll certainly enjoy his life in the country that every traveller puts at the top of his “must visit” list.

In the HOT SEAT  ISBN 978-0-9558383-4-7