This year eight members entered plays, which were judged by Arthur Burke of the Progress Theatre, who had already had the scripts sent to him.  Each entrant gets a full critique in writing, but after the readings,  Arthur gave his short views on each play with some overall advice on plays and the conventions of script writing.  To make his judgement, Arthur said he based it on which play he would most like to see performed.  His choice for first place was The Firemen Commeth by Dick Sawdon Smith.  Two ladies settle to down to a night of fun with a Ouija board when of them collapses.  In response to an appeal for help, the room is soon filled with a fisherman in full foul weather gear, a vicar in a Bob Dylan T-shirt, the local butcher in his pyjamas, two firemen in complete uniform and a suspicious policeman.  And all at one o’clock in the morning.

Runner-up was The Carpet Factory by Sally Hope Johnson in which the late factory owner’s sons quarrel about what they can each expect to receive in their father’s will, only to find out that an unknown discretion in his youth creates a surprise to their expectations.  In third place Arthur chose Les Williams’ The Charity Shop which tells of two shop assistants, down on their luck, who are faced with a moral dilemma when they find a biscuit tin full of sovereigns when sorting out donations to the charity.

Dick with Arthur Burke