Circle Calendar

Unless otherwise stated, Circle meetings are held on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm in St Joseph's Church Hall, situated on the corner of Park Lane and Berkshire Drive, Tilehurst, Reading RG31 5JJ.    (click here for a map).

Plan your writing life months ahead with our Future Events Calendar


6, 13 March

Open readings.

Sunday 4 March

Deadline for entries for the Chris Mundy Poetry competition.
Entries must be emailed to Dick (sawdonsmith@hotmail.com) by midnight!

13 - 27 February

Open readings.

6 February

Show don't Tell    a talk by Les.

The what, when, how, and why of showing not telling, using examples and helpful techniques.

16 - 30 January

Open readings.

9 January

Fish and Chip Supper [to plaice your order, email Sally at sally.johnson20@ntlworld.com]

Reading of Christmas Holiday Homework stories - what did you find in your stocking?



Christmas break - back on January 9 (for Fish and Chips!)

12 December

Last meeting before Christmas

The winners of the Arthur Redway story competition will be announced and the first 3 stories will be read. See Competitions for details.

As this will be the last meeting before Christmas, sausage rolls and mince pies will be provided.

In past years members have contributed a small gift (cost £3 maximum) to the ‘Secret Santa’ sack then they receive someone else’s donation as a small present. If you would like to join in (it’s not compulsory) please bring your gift, suitable for male or female, to the festive meeting.

5 December

Presentation by Dr Geoff Harvey

Geoff was Head of English at Reading University until he retired.

He has previously talked to us about beginnings & ends, plots and characters in stories. 

This time he will speak about poetry, the construction of verse and how it can be used in story-telling.

21, 28 November

Open readings.

14 November

Set Arthur Redway competition,

Open readings

7 November

Halloween/Bonfire competition readings.

Prizes will be awarded!

31 October

Open readings.

24 October

Open readings.

17 October

Open readings.

10 October

Writing exercise.

3 October

Open readings.

Set Halloween/Bonfire competition.

26 September

Open readings.

19 September

Beginning, Middle and End  - a talk by Neil Sommerville

(including some exercises!)

12 September

Open readings.

5 September

Summer Homework Results and reading of the first three stories.

25 August


Deadline to hand-in your Summer Homework by email !

SUMMER BREAK    Return September 5th.

25 July


4 - 18 July

Open readings.

27 June

Iain Pattison judged competition final readings and results

20 June

Iain Pattison judged competition initial readings

13 June

Open readings.

6 June

Chris Mundy Poetry competition readings.

Louise Ordish will announce the result and present the trophy.

30 May

Deadline for Iain Pattison judged competition - last opportunity to hand in your entry to Sally!

23 May

Open readings.

16 May

Deadline for Chris Mundy poetry competition (by e-mail to Stuart).

9 May

Set Iain Pattison judged competition.

2 May

Open readings.

25 April

Set Chris Mundy poetry competition.



4 April

Reading and results of the One-Act Play competition.

7 - 28 March

Open readings.

28 February

Guest Speaker:  Mike Oke of Bound Biographies on autobiography.

7, 14 February

Open readings.

31 January

Guest Speaker:  Mike Oke of Bound Biographies on autobiography. POSTONED until 28th Feb.

17, 24 January

Open readings.

10 January

First meeting of the New year - with Fish and Chip supper!

Reading and voting on Charles Dickens Christmas homework stories.


Happy Christmas   Back on Jan. 10 for Fish and Chips!

13 December

Last meeting before the Christmas break.

(Don't forget your Secret Santa gifts!)

6 December

Results and readings of the Arthur Redway memorial competition.

30 November

Deadline for submission of entries and start of voting for the Arthur Redway competition.

22, 29 November

Open readings.

15 November

Guest Speaker: Dr Geoff Harvey on character.

8 November

Set Arthur Redway competition.

1 November

Hallowe'en/Bonfire competition readings and result.

18, 25 October

Open readings.

11 October

Discuss anthology.  Open readings.

4 October

Set Hallowe'en/Bonfire competition.  Open readings

1st October

Sept. 20, 27

Open readings.

Sept. 13

Summer Homework readings

SUMMER BREAK    Return September 13th.

July 26


July 19

Reading of the remainder of the Iain Pattison judged short stories.

Open readings

July 12

Iain Pattison judged Short Story competition result.

July 5

Open readings.

June 14 - 28

Open readings.

June 7

Deadline for Iain Pattison competition. Open readings

17 - 31 May

Open readings.

10 May

Set Iain Pattison judged Short Story competition.

3 May

Result of the first Chris Mundy Poetry competition.

19 - 26 April

Open readings.

12 April

Deadline for the Chris Mundy poetry competition.  Open readings.

5 April

One Act Play readings and results.

March 22-29

Easter Break

15 March

Deadline for the One Act Play competition.  Open readings.

8 March

Open readings

1 March

Poetry Workshop by Susan Utting.

Susan runs poetry workshops country wide and taught poetry & creative writing at Reading University for 17 years.

Her website is: www.susanutting.com/index.html

16, 23 February

Open readings

9 February

Open readings and set One Act Play competition...

...and will the winner of the Christmas homework Fairy Story be announced?

2 February

Open readings.

26 January

Open readings.

19 January

Open readings.

12 January

First meeting of the New year - with Fish and Chip supper!

Christmas fairytale readings


Happy Christmas

8 December

Result and reading of the Arthur Redway Memorial competition

Last meeting before the Christmas break.

See Christmas Fairy Homework information...

1 December

Deadline for entries to the Arthur Redway competition

24 November

Open readings.

17 November

"The Magic of Writing" - a talk by Neil.

During the evening there will be a couple of exercises.

10 November

Open readings.  Set the annual Arthur Redway Memorial competition.

3 November

Exercise and open readings

27 October

Hallowe'en story competition readings and results.

20 October

Guest speaker: Dr. Geoff Harvey.

13 October

"BUGS" competition results.

6 October

Open readings

29 September

Open readings

26 September

Murder Mystery evening at Tilehurst Village Hall

15 - 22 September

Open readings

8 September

Summer Homework ("BUGS") readings.

SUMMER BREAK    Return on 8th September.

28 July

AGM and open readings.  Last meeting before the summer break.

14, 21 July

Open readings.

7 July

Result and readings of Iain Pattison judged short story competition (2)

30 June

Result and readings of Iain Pattison judged short story competition (1)

16 - 23 June

Open readings.

10 June

Deadline for entries to the Iain Pattison judged short story competition.

2, 9 June

Open readings.

5 - 26 May

Open readings.

28 April

Open readings.

21 April

Reading of the Easter homework.

7, 14 April

Easter break

31 March

Open readings.

24 March

Open readings.

17 March

  Readings and results of the One-Act Play competition.

3 March

Open readings.  Deadline for submission of One Act Plays by email to Arthur Burke

24 February

Open readings.

17 February

Open readings.

10 February

Open readings. Set One-Act Play competition

3 February

Open readings.  Exercise

27 January

Workshop - 'Show Don't Tell' by Chris.

20 January

Open readings.

13 January

Flash Fiction Competition readings and results.

and, of course ... Fish and Chips.



16 December
 - 6 January

Christmas break - back on January 13 (for Fish and Chips!)

9 December

Results of the Arthur Redway memorial competition.

Secret Santa!

2 December

Open readings.  Exercise: Show Don't Tell.

Closing date for Arthur Redway memorial competition - see Competitions

25 November

Open readings.

18 November

Guest speaker: Dr. Geoff Harvey on "Fictional Endings."

11 November

Open readings.  Set the Arthur Redway Memorial competition.

4 November

Open readings.

28 October

Spooky Hallowe'en night

14 - 21 October

Open readings.

7 October

Open readings. Set Hallowe'en competition.

9 - 30 September

Open readings

2 September

Return from summer break.   Excerise

5 - 26 August

Summer Break - return 2 September

29 July

AGM and open readings.

22 July

Open readings and setting of the summer homework (Mixed Bag).

15 July

Results of the Iain Pattison judged short story competition.

8 July

First reading of the Iain Pattison judged short story competition entries.

1 July

Open readings and exercise.

24 June

Open readings.

17 June

Closing date for the Iain Pattison judged short story competition - see Competitions

10 June

Open readings.

3  June

Exercise and open readings.

20, 27 May

Open readings.

13 May

Closing date for the Arthur Redway Memorial Competition (see Competitions)

6 May

Open readings.

29 April

Guest Speaker - Dr. Geoff Harvey 'Writing for readers: using language creatively'.

Geoff was the Head of the English Department of the University of Reading and is a published author.

15, 22 April

Easter break.

8 April

Open readings and setting of the Arthur Redway competition.

1 April

Open readings.

11 - 25 March

Open readings.

4 March

Workshop: Improving Creativity by our guest speaker, Louise Ordish.

25 February

Open readings.

18 February

Open readings.

11 February

One Act Play results

See Competitions

4 February

Exercise and open readings.

28 January

Deadline for the One-Act Play competition

Open readings.

21 January

Guest Speaker - Lady Fiona, the 8th Countess of Carnarvon  Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey

14 January 2014


First meeting of the New year - with Fish and Chip supper!

Christmas homework readings.